Trinh presented his PhD work at the Vienna Biocenter PhD Symposium 2022 ‘Pushing Boundaries’.

As a representative of Vietnamese students in Austria, I participated in the ASEAN 55th founding anniversary at the United Nations office in Vienna. This event was on Vietnamese Independence Day (2/9/2022).

This month, our mBio paper and a book chapter for Candida species were released. Check it out at:

A book chapter in Candida species entitled "A Proteomic Approach for the Quantification of Posttranslational Protein Lysine Acetylation in *Candida albicans*"

A mBio paper entitled "Transcriptomics and Phenotyping Define Genetic Signatures Associated with Echinocandin Resistance in *Candida auris*"

I presented my current work at the 1st Scientific Seminar of Young Vietnamese Intellectuals in Europe organized by Vietnamese Youth and Student Federation in Europe.

Prof. Karl Kuchler presented my current work at the Yeast Genetic Meeting 2022 in University of California, Los Angeles.

I joined the YSA PhD Symposium 2022 which is the annual symposium organized by the Young Scientist Association at the Medical University of Vienna.

11 Jun 2022 by Trinh Phan-Canh

Welcome. I decide to move my blog to Jekyll. I spent a whole day just solving issues on Github, but finally, it worked. I will use this site to share my journey in science. I hope it will be helpful for people who want to learn from an amateur guy like me.

As you know, I am a Pharmacist but an IT lover, which motivated me to get a bachelor’s degree in IT. I love bioinformatics, but I dive into a wet lab where I find the truth of nature.

I joined the very first conference in this field. Spending the whole week with around 150 “fungal” scientists in France, I learned so much from them. I got some valuable ideas for my research. I highly recommend FEBS Advanced Lecturer Course for people working in Biochemistry. Hope to meet all of you again in HFP2024!