Prof. Karl Kuchler presented my current work at ECFG 2023. The topic is the discovery of a prospective bZIP master regulator Rom1 in the pathogenicity of Candida auris.

The first Research Grant in my career was accepted today. This is a fantastic thing for me to welcome a new lunar new year. The European Society of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases (ESCMID) granted the funding for one year, covering a small project emerging from my Ph.D. study. Cheer!

TissueHome students joined the Vienna Ball of Science together yesterday. This is the first time we gathered in a classic tradition with contemporary impulses from different fields of science. We do have a great time after the final Symposium of the Ph.D. program. Thanks for all the amazing things from TissueHome.

TissueHome students spent 3 days in a very beautiful place outside Vienna for the final Symposium of the Ph.D. Program. Students had the time to present and discuss about cutting-edge knowledge in the field of tissue homeostasis during pathogenesis with faculties and experts from EU-UK, and the US. Trinh presented a part of his work at the Symposium.

Trinh presented his PhD work at the Vienna Biocenter PhD Symposium 2022 ‘Pushing Boundaries’.

As a representative of Vietnamese students in Austria, I participated in the ASEAN 55th founding anniversary at the United Nations office in Vienna. This event was on Vietnamese Independence Day (2/9/2022).

This month, our mBio paper and a book chapter for Candida species were released. Check it out at:

A book chapter in Candida species entitled "A Proteomic Approach for the Quantification of Posttranslational Protein Lysine Acetylation in *Candida albicans*"

A mBio paper entitled "Transcriptomics and Phenotyping Define Genetic Signatures Associated with Echinocandin Resistance in *Candida auris*"

I presented my current work at the 1st Scientific Seminar of Young Vietnamese Intellectuals in Europe organized by Vietnamese Youth and Student Federation in Europe.